“Our SVdP Conference is a 501(c)(3) charity that mediates gifts from generous donors to our sisters and brothers with short term emergency needs.”

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Our SVdP Conference activities begin with a phone interview, then a follow-up in the office or a home visit. A team of two Vincentians will take the time to understand our Neighbor's need and individual circumstances. We take into account the need, the urgency, and our own resources when we make a judgment on how to help.

Helping clients in more ways than financially

In normal times most people live at the edge of their budget, more or less conservatively. For the people who come to us for help that financial cliff is much steeper. We are blessed as channels of our donors' charity to those people. The statistics below are only indicators of activity. Hidden is the hope we are able to give just by listening and responding to people for whom there is often otherwise very little hope.

SVdP Help Statistics: April 2024

Category Reporting period FY to date Last FY (Oct->Sep)
Phone calls 270 2198 4325
Clients helped 304 701 1406
Volunteer hours 204 1274 2380